ear deformaties

Congenital Ear Deformities

Congenital ear deformities are birth defects that affect the shape, function and position of the ear. It is estimated that 5 percent of the population is born with an ear malformation. Two of the most frequent conditions are microtia (small ears) and protruding ears. Microtia Microtia occurs when the ears are underdeveloped and smaller than normal. Most children born with this condition have a normal inner ear, but the outer ear structures – including the

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Ear Tubes

If you’re a parent, it probably comes as no surprise that middle ear infections are common in children, particularly those between the ages of six months and two years. Known as otitis media, these are caused by a number of factors, both physical and environmental. Most ear infections clear up on their own or are treated with antibiotics. But in some children, they can become a chronic problem that causes other issues, such as delays

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Ear Wax Removal

Earwax (cerumen) is a yellowish waxy substance produced by glands in the skin of the outer ear canal. Earwax protects the ear from bacteria, water, and foreign particles. Usually, excess wax is removed from the ear canal naturally when a small amount of wax accumulates and then dries up and falls out of the ear canal, carrying with it unwanted dust and other particles. It also assists in the cleaning and lubrication of the ear

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Cholesteatoma is an abnormal skin growth in the middle ear behind the eardrum that may also affect the mastoid (skull bone). It begins as a cyst that gradually increases in size, destroying the bones of the middle ear and causing hearing loss. Causes When the Eustachian tube is functioning normally, it equalizes ear pressure by moving air from the back of the nose into the middle ear. Allergies and viruses can affect performance, leading to

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Ear Infection

An ear infection occurs when fluid becomes trapped in the middle ear following a viral or bacterial infection. This painful affliction is most common in children, but can affect people of all ages. Ear infections can be either acute (of short duration) or chronic (persisting or reoccurring frequently). Causes Otitis media is the medical term for an inflammation of the middle ear, commonly referred to as an ear infection. The majority of ear infections are

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Causes Ear pain, commonly referred to as an earache, is a common complaint and can result from infection, poor Eustachian tube function, or temporomandibular joint problems (TMJ). Other causes include ear trauma, perforated eardrum, sinus infection, sudden changes in pressure, excess buildup of earwax, sore throat, shampoo or water in the ear, tooth infection, arthritis of the jaw, and a foreign object in the ear. Symptoms Ear pain is a pain in one or both

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Mastoid Surgery

In addition to pain and discomfort, a middle ear infection can cause tiny air cells in the mastoid bone to fill up with pus. As the infection spreads, potentially reaching the brain, the bone is destroyed, resulting in hearing loss. If antibiotics are unsuccessful in clearing up the infection, then mastoid surgery may be needed. Mastoiditis Causes & Symptoms The medical term for infection of the mastoid cells is mastoiditis. The condition affects children more

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Myringotomy With Tubes

Myringotomy is a surgical procedure in which an incision is made in the tympanic membrane (eardrum), providing drainage for fluid trapped in the middle ear. It can provide relief for children who experience frequent middle ear infections (otitis media). Often, ear tubes are placed through the eardrum in conjunction with the procedure. These allow the eardrum to remain open and provide better ventilation and a pathway for fluid drainage, aiding in the prevention of recurring

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Otosclerosis is an abnormal growth of bone in the middle ear that causes hearing loss. It typically begins in the early 20s, and is the leading cause of middle ear hearing loss in young adults. Causes The exact cause of otosclerosis is not known, but evidence suggests a genetic link passed down from parent to child. Middle-aged Caucasian women are most at risk, and pregnancy seems to be a contributing factor, perhaps due to hormonal

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Middle Ear Infection (Otitis Media)

Otitis media is the medical term for an inflammation of the middle ear, commonly referred to as an ear infection. It is the result of fluid becoming trapped behind the eardrum, and is usually caused by a virus or bacteria. People of all ages can develop ear infections, but they are far more common in children than older adults: three out of four children will experience at least one ear infection by the time they

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